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4G and fibre: our offering to communities

We’ve got a long history of working with communities to help bring fibre broadband to parts of the country not covered by the national or BDUK rollout. Now we’re capturing interest from communities in a combined fibre and 4G mobile solution, using the EE network.

Our proposal is to make 4G from EE available at no extra cost to communities who lack access to superfast broadband and have poor outdoor 4G coverage, all as part of BT’s Community Fibre Partnership scheme. Pilots are planned to begin in the coming weeks across a number of sites. The locations will be announced soon and full availability of this solution will be communicated in due course.

With our FTTC solution, download speeds of up to 80Mbps are available, so things like streaming music, watching TV online, and quickly uploading larger files will be possible. And consumers, small businesses and local schools will get the same benefits when out and about from EE’s 4G network, as well as crystal clear phone calls and reliable text messaging.

The cost effective approach to delivering both fibre and 4G means we can help more communities. 


Largest network expansion in the UK

EE is working towards covering 95% of the UK geography with 4G by 2020. Last year alone, EE expanded 4G coverage from 50% to 75% of the UK landmass. 

4G from EE is now available in more places than any 3G network, just four years after launch, marking the UK’s fastest network expansion.


Benefits of 4G

4G gives great call and text reliability, as well as enabling mobile services that require more bandwidth - like streaming music and video, downloading large work files, sharing pictures with friends, and using social media without any buffering.

The benefits of 4G are:

BT & EE news

February 2016 : BT announced the acquisition of mobile operator EE, creating the UK's biggest telecoms company. This gave BT 35% of the mobile consumer market and a similar share of the UK's consumer broadband business. BT’s Group Chief Executive Gavin Patterson said: "I’m delighted we have now completed our acquisition of EE. That is great news for our shareholders, our customers and for UK plc given we will continue to invest and innovate. Customers will benefit as we combine the power of fibre broadband with the convenience of mobile.

“The acquisition enables us to offer great value bundles of services and customers are set to be the winners as we compete for their business.”

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